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    An excellent selection of citrus and tropical fruit plants, ideal for beginners to experts.

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    Evergreen climber with exotic looking flowers

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    A wide variety of coastal plants for all keen gardeners

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    A Stunning Range of Plants for the Garden and Conservatory to create a Truly Tropical Feel.

Welcome to Cross Common Nursery

We are proud to call ourselves the most Southerly nursery in mainland Britain.

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Cross Common NurseryThe nursery is situated in the Lizard village, which is surrounded by some of the most spectacular coastline you could wish to find. Cross Common Nursery is proud to call itself the most Southerly nursery in mainland Britain.

We specialise in Citrus Trees, Passiflora, Coastal Plants, Unusual and Exotic plants, many of which are propagated on the Nursery. We offer a wide range of plants for customers who dare to be different!.

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  • £ 10.50

    Superb form of giant reed with incredible bold white and green striped foliage that is simply magnificent in full growth. Hardy in sunny, well drained & protected spot only. Height 1.8m . Semi-evergreen. 3ltr pot

    £ 10.50
    In Stock
  • £ 5.99

    Bushy perennial succulent .Grown for their rosettes of greenish red leaves.In spring produces cones of small star shaped golden flowers on 2-3 year old stems. Plant in very well drained soil. Protect from frost

    £ 5.99
    In Stock
  • £ 17.00

    Swan Flower. Strong growing evergreen woody stemmed climber, with leaves tormentose beneath and large chocolate-purple flowers with white veins. An unusual climber for a warm greenhouse or conservatory. Available Mid July.

    £ 17.00
    In Stock
  • £ 8.99

    'Genii' is a compact shrub with golden-yellow foliage and light-pink and purple flowers in summer and autumn. Height 45-60cm. Spread 45-60cm. Frost hardy. 3ltr pot

    £ 8.99
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  • £ 9.25

    The long, arching flower spikes of Dierama pulcherrimum make it sway in the wind and increase the impression of it resembling an angel's fishing rod. Its magnificent magenta flowers weigh down the stems and bend the flower shaft in the same way an angler makes his cast, bringing added movement to the borders. Occasionally, the flowers can be white. In...

    £ 9.25
    In Stock
  • £ 17.50

    A G.victoriae x rhyolitica cross.  hardy and reliable plant that looks good with minimal care. It is a medium sized spreading shrub, which flowers for most of the year, with spidery red blooms.  Great as a feature ground cover plant for rockeries and shrubberies as well as for pots

    £ 17.50
    In Stock
  • £ 13.00

    Golden hop. A lovely coloured golden hop reaching 3m producing beautiful bronze coloured hops in autumn.

    £ 13.00
    In Stock
  • £ 7.99

    A neat & compact pink flowered spiraea. This is a tolerant & easy deciduous bush. It has a neat & tidy habit & forms a mound of fresh green leaves which turn a lovely red in autumn. From late spring into summer it bears masses of flat heads of rose pink flowers. Happy in most reasonable soils, does best in a sunny location.

    £ 7.99
    In Stock
  • £ 14.50

    Blue Angels Trumpets. A fast growing woody shrub/small tree with deep purple/blue trumpet shaped flowers over several months. Best grown in a sunny spot in free draining soil.

    £ 14.50
    In Stock
  • £ 4.25

    Feed for citrus plants during the summer. (160g). This item can be posted separately, if no other plants are ordered: p&p charge of £3.50. (Delivery charge will be adjusted when payment processed)

    £ 4.25
    In Stock
  • £ 34.00

    Lemon Tree. A Lemon tree approx 80cms high looking great with fruits. Flowers and fruits throughout the year. Nice full plants with several fruits. 20cm pot. 

    £ 34.00
    In Stock
  • £ 4.25

    Feed for citrus plants during the winter. Use from October. (160g). This item can be posted separately, if no other plants are ordered: p&p charge of £3.50. (Delivery charge will be adjusted when payment processed)

    £ 4.25
    In Stock
  • £ 7.99

    A dense upright, evergreen shrub with glossy, leathery light green leaves. Very good in coastal areas. Makes an excellent hedge. 2ltr pots 60cm high bushy plants (including pot) 10% discount for 10-20plants 15% discount for 20-50plants 20% discount for 50+plants

    £ 7.99
    In Stock
  • £ 28.00

    Lemon Tree. A lovely lemon tree on a short stem approx 60cms high. Flowers and fruits throughout the year. Currently with green fruits.

    £ 28.00
    In Stock
  • £ 80.00

    Lemon Tree. A lovely full standard 4 Seasons lemon tree approximately 120cms tall. Looking nice with fruits. 24cm pot.

    £ 80.00
    In Stock
  • £ 42.00

    A lovely tree approx 80-90cms high.Produces sweet juicy tasty Oranges Looking really nice with small fruit forming. A lovely plant to give as a gift. 20cm pot.

    £ 42.00
    In Stock
  • £ 40.00

    Meyer Lemon. A cross between a Lemon and Mandarin producing fruit that are sweeter than normal lemons. Lovely standard 60-70cms high trees with flowers and fruit forming.

    £ 40.00
    In Stock
  • £ 18.50

    Scented leaves with a zesty lime flavour. Used in Thai cooking. This plant also produces flowers and bumpy skinned fruits too. Nice looking plants grown on a trellis in a 12cm pot.

    £ 18.50
    In Stock
  • £ 40.00

    Lime Tree. A lovely standard Lime tree with fruit, approx 70-80cms high. A great plant to produce tasty Limes for G&T's. 

    £ 40.00
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