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Welcome to Cross Common Nursery

We are proud to call ourselves the most Southerly nursery in mainland Britain.

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Cross Common NurseryThe nursery is situated in the Lizard village, which is surrounded by some of the most spectacular coastline you could wish to find. Cross Common Nursery is proud to call itself the most Southerly nursery in mainland Britain.

We specialise in Citrus Trees, Passiflora, Coastal Plants, Unusual and Exotic plants, many of which are propagated on the Nursery. We offer a wide range of plants for customers who dare to be different!.

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  • £ 23.50

    Winner of the Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Award 2015, Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum Kilimanjaro is a new and hardy award winning shrub. It produces an abundance of pure white flowers in attractive clusters from early summer, followed by pink-red berries in late summer to early autumn. 19cm pot Lovely plants approx 80cms high.

    £ 23.50
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  • £ 18.00

    A compact shrub with slender rosemary-like foliage; and curled golden flowers with a contrasting red stamen. LOCATION: Plant in a full sun location for maximum flowering, tolerates light shade.

    £ 18.00
    In Stock
  • £ 17.50

    This is an evergreen hybrid between The Chilean glutinosa & the Australian lucida. It makes a compact tree with slender branches of dark green leaves. From late summer it becomes smothered with pure white flowers, attractive to man & bees! Best in a sheltered spot in part shade & free draining soil. 2ltr pot

    £ 17.50
    In Stock
  • £ 10.99

    New variety perfect as an informal hedge or in borders. Panicles of rich pink flowers from June to September on this bushy deciduous ceanothus. Wine red stems show up well against the green leaves. Height and spread to around 1.5m x 1m. Any well drained soil in sun or light shade. Deer resistant and drought tolerant. A favourite for butterflies. Do not...

    £ 10.99
    In Stock
  • £ 20.00

    The Acorn Banksia is a large shrub or tree with smooth grey bark growing to ten metres in height. The leaves are long and narrow growing to about 25 cm long and 2 cm wide with triangular lobes on the margins making a distinctive saw-toothed edge. 

    £ 20.00
    In Stock
  • £ 8.99

    T. tetrandra is a lax, medium-sized deciduous shrub with arching, almost black branches, minute green scale-like leaves and large plumes of light pink flowers in late spring. Excellent coastal plant.

    £ 8.99
    In Stock
  • £ 14.99

    Clivia Miniata is sometimes refered to as the 'Kaffir Lily' and is one of the most popular of the clivia sp.. The orange clivia miniata is probably the most common clivia in Australia. With flowers that point upwards, they thrive in the shade. Clivias are superb as greenhouse container plants.Outdoors they are best grown in dappled shade.Water well during...

    £ 14.99
    In Stock
  • £ 7.99

    This is one of the best early summer flowering shrubs. It is deciduous and forms a dense mound. Masses of white flowers appear along the arching branches and it looks so pretty. It is totally hardy, easy to grow and is happy in any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. Great for a low hedge.

    £ 7.99
    In Stock
  • £ 36.00

    Scented leaves with a zesty lime flavour. Used in Thai cooking. This plant also produces flowers and bumpy skinned fruits too. Lovely plants on a stem with a nice leafy head 20cm pot approx 70cms tall. With a free pot of Winter Feed

    £ 36.00
    In Stock
  • £ 12.99

    This is a cracking evergreen. Fully hardy thriving in any well drained soil; it does best in a sunny spot. The marbled foliage is bronze when young and makes a dense slow growing bush. It is a bonny looking plant with sweetly scented tiny white flowers in autumn. Looks great in planters.

    £ 12.99
    In Stock
  • £ 13.00

    This is a deciduous shrub with an open branched habit. The leaves are a dark glossy green & are made up of divided pointed leaflets. From spring onwards it has rich buttercup yellow flowers which later develop into seed pods with smooth brown seeds within. Best in full sun in a warm spot.

    £ 13.00
    In Stock
  • £ 10.00

    A new variety of Agapanthus. Agapanthus `Blue Horizons` is a compact plant that reaches a height of about 80cm. The foliage is truly unique: each leaf is edged creamy-white,and it produces lovely umbels of rich blue flowers in summer. 3ltr pot

    £ 10.00
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