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    Citrus Tree


    An excellent selection of citrus and tropical fruit plants, ideal for beginners to experts.

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    Passion Flowers

    Evergreen climber with exotic looking flowers

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    Plants for

    Coastal Gardens

    A wide variety of coastal plants for all keen gardeners

  • Plants for the Garden and Conservatory to create a Truly Tropical Feel.



    A Stunning Range of Plants for the Garden and Conservatory to create a Truly Tropical Feel.

Welcome to Cross Common Nursery

We are proud to call ourselves the most Southerly nursery in mainland Britain.

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Cross Common NurseryThe nursery is situated in the Lizard village, which is surrounded by some of the most spectacular coastline you could wish to find. Cross Common Nursery is proud to call itself the most Southerly nursery in mainland Britain.

We specialise in Citrus Trees, Passiflora, Coastal Plants, Unusual and Exotic plants, many of which are propagated on the Nursery. We offer a wide range of plants for customers who dare to be different!.

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Holly Trees
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Orange Trees
Coastal Plants
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  • £ 17.50

    Grevillea alpina x rosmarinifolia Gold. Description: A compact small growing native shrub featuring cluster of vibrant golden yellow and red flowers borne along splendour branches during spring and summer.

    £ 17.50
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  • £ 38.00

    A Lovely standard tree approx 70cm (inc pot) Not currently in fruit. Will bear sweet orange fruits that ripen in winter. 20cm pot.

    £ 38.00
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  • £ 20.00

    A Hardy perrenial Garden Orchid that can endure frosts as low as -30C. Best grown in part shade or on the north side of the garden. Beautiful choice plants

    £ 20.00
    In Stock
  • £ 25.00

    Adenanthos sericeus, commonly known as Woolly Bush, is a shrub native to the south coast of Western Australia. It has bright red but small and obscure flowers, and very soft, deeply divided, hairy leaves. 16cm pot 40cm high.

    £ 25.00
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  • £ 13.50

    Exquisitely fragrant clusters of purplish pink and white tubular flowers when in full leaf Height 1.4m. Spread 80cm. Flower colour White, Purple. Flowers February, March. 10.5cm pot

    £ 13.50
    In Stock
  • £ 25.00

    The magnificent 'wedding cake tree'.This is a small slow growing deciduous tree. The variegated leaves give a light appearance and are enhanced by the creamy white flat panicles of flowers in summer. Grows in most soils in sun/part shade. Fully hardy.

    £ 25.00
    In Stock
  • £ 33.00

    Little Prince is a new compact King Protea, selected specially for containers and small gardens. It flowers year round and the birds love it. Nice multi stemmed flowering plants.

    £ 33.00
    In Stock
  • £ 13.00

    Queens tears. Bromeliad with funnel shaped rosettes of strap shaped dark green leaves. slender red bracted stems bears panicles of green, rose-pink and blue attractive flowers. Hardy to at least -6C

    £ 13.00
    In Stock
  • £ 13.00

    Golden hop. A lovely golden hop reaching 3m producing beautiful bronze coloured hops in autumn.

    £ 13.00
    In Stock
Lemon Trees
Lemon Trees
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Coastal Hedging Plants
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