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  • Clematis

    Our extensive range of clematis plants are ideal climbers for any garden

  • Scented Climbers

    As well as providing a background for plants in the borders, these climbers bring us fragrance too.

  • Evergreen Climbers

    These evergreen climbers clothe walls, fences, pergolas and free-standing supports to bring a whole new dimension to the garden

  • Climbers for a shady site
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  • A beautiful evergreen shrub or climber. Bright yellow, usually semi-double flowers 3-4.5cms acrossare produced in spring and summer. 2ltr pot on 3ft cane

  • Hardy deciduous climber producing clusters of sweetly scented white flowers in summer and autumn enhanced by foliage variagated green and creamy yellow.

  • Fallopia multiflora hypoleuca is a semi-evergreen climber with a vigorous habit. Foliage is dark-green, elongated heart-shaped, tinged red when young and providing good autumn colouring. Produces clusters of pink or white flowers from about July to late autumn. 

  • The world's first climbing fuchsia! Lady Boothby has bright two-tone flowers that adorn its red stems. Provide a little support and it'll clothe trellis, arches, walls and fences in no time at all. Apart from being vigorous it's also extremely hardy, so you can look forward to repeat performances year after year.

  • Morning Glory. A vigorous evergreen climber with heart-shaped mid-green leaves. Abundant funnel-shaped rich purple-blue flowers from late spring to autumn. (AGM)

  • This black grape is suitable to grow in cold greenhouse or conservatory. It will produce big, bunches of dessert grapes with an excellent flavour. It is easy and reliable, no wonder itメs an old favourite.

  • Grafted Grape Vine. A sweet flavoured red grape for dessert or wine. Suitable for outdoors. Ripens early October. High resistance to powery and downy mildew. Attractive autumn colour.

  • Virginia Creeper. A deciduous self supporting climber producing a spectacular display of brilliant foliage in the autumn. Ideal for growing on walls or trees.

  • Kiwi Fruit. No need for separate male and female Kiwi's with this self fertile variety. Produces an abundance of fruit in the late Summer. Nice well grown plants on a 3ft cane.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items