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  • A gorgeous and most choice deciduous climber. This exquisite plant has the most stunning flat heads of white flowers up to 30cm across from July οΎ– Sept. It will grow in sun or part shade and does well in a woodland garden where it can be left to scramble. No pruning needed, & happy in most soils.

  • The stunning & rare 'pink Japanese hydrangea vine'. A delightful deciduous climber which clings by aerial roots. It has dark green heart shaped leaves on red petioles. In summer it has creamy white lacecap flowers surrounded by pink teardrop florets, quite breathtaking. Happy in most soils in sun or shade.

  •  Small Leaved Virginia Creeper. Great for large gardens. A wonderful way to cover a building. Three-lobed, glossy bright green leaves that have a purple tint in spring, before turning spectacular shades of crimson and scarlet in the autumn.

  • An impressive evergreen which is tolerant of poor conditions. Not only does it have great looking glossy leaves but also has fantastic creamy white panicles of flowers in late summer & autumn. These beautiful flowers are attractive to bees and are deliciously scented especially in the evening.

  • A beautiful deciduous climber. It has heart-shaped leaves on reddish stems. It clings on by aerial roots so doesn't need much support. In summer it bears lacecaps of ivory white teardrop flowers which are quite delightful & up to 25cms across. Best in moist well drained soil, in sun/part shade. Tips: looks great grown against a tree or wall, will not...

  • Fallopia multiflora hypoleuca is a semi-evergreen climber with a vigorous habit. Foliage is dark-green, elongated heart-shaped, tinged red when young and providing good autumn colouring. Produces clusters of pink or white flowers from about July to late autumn. 

  • Virginia Creeper. A deciduous self supporting climber producing a spectacular display of brilliant foliage in the autumn. Ideal for growing on walls or trees.

  • Vigorous hardy climber, excellent for north facing walls, bearing numerous heads of creamy-white flowers in early summer. Deciduous.

  • A climber with toothed, dark green leaves and slightly fragrant creamy white flowerheads with pretty cream bracts in mid-summer. An excellent plant for a shady posistion.Deciduous

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items