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  • Ischyrolepis subverticillata
    Ischyrolepis subverticillata

    Ischyrolepis subverticillata is an evergreen species with attractive...

    £ 16.50
  • Elegia elephantina
    Elegia elephantina

    Elegia elephantina is a robust evergreen Restio from South Africa that...

    £ 16.50
  • Echium wildpretii
    Echium wildpretii

    Giant pointy clusters of glistening pink flowers grow 8' tall. It's the...

    £ 13.00
  • Apodasmia similis
    Apodasmia similis

    This NZ native reed is a great choice for wet or dry problem areas. Also...

    £ 16.50

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A Stunning Range of Plants for the Garden and Conservatory to create a Truly Tropical Feel.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 81 items