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    Passiflora give an Exotic Feel to the Garden. Best Grown on a Warm Sunny Wall. Choose From one of the Biggest Selections in the UK.

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    Stunning Exotic Passion Flowers for the Greenhouse, Conservatory and Summer Patio. 

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  • The Moonstone coloured Passionflower. It is a hybrid between Passiflora citrina and Passiflora sanguinolenta. The hybrid including its flowers is bigger than its parents but otherwise it is exactly in the middle between the two parental plants. Compact grower with pink centered creamy yellow flowers. Min 0ᄚC 32ᄚF or lower

  • A profusion of bright scarlet /red flowers are produced between May- August. This variety grows wild high in the mountains of Peru between 1500-2500mtrs. 2 ltr pot

  • A Cross between P. actinia � P. caerulea �Constance Eliott. This vigorous grower has three lobed leaves and beautiful large showy flowers with white and blue banded corona filaments. Min temp 0C or lower.

  • A Stunning tetraploid cross of P. 'Constance Elliott' x P. eichleriana. P.White Wedding is a lovely free flowering vine with lovely large white flowers. Suitable for outdoors in a sheltered position. Hardy to -5C.

  • A tetraploid form of P.caerulea but with larger flowers with bright blue centres. Hardy to -10C. A vigorous climber with rich green leaves and bowl-shaped white flowers with blue tips in summer followed by orange-yellow fruit.

  • A very eye catching Passion flower with red hanging umbrellas from mid summer on. An evergreen with large three lobed leaves. Almost hardy but best protected (min -1c). It flowers best in cool conditions. A good cool conservatory plant

  • A vigorous cross between caerulea and amethystina. Flowers are very similar to P. Purple Haze but with a redder centre. Hardy to at least -7C. A good variety for outdoors.

  • A hybrid cross between P. ᄡWhite Wedding` x P. caerulea ᄡEmil Kugler`. Has pretty white flowers with a blue and white corona. Hardy to -10C.1-2ltr pot

  • Large showy deep rose pink flowers with white corona, deep purple center. Trilobed leaves. Flowers throughout the year. Will tolerate light frosts.

  • A lovely free flowering hybrid cross of P. galbana x P. racemosa Minimum temperature: 10ᄚC [50ᄚF] Flower diameter: 9cm [3,5"]. Flowering size plants on 70cm tripod.

  • Showy large flowers of purple-mauve flower with darker centres. Contrasted by a white ring. A lovely free flowering variety suitable for outdoors on a warm wall. 1-2ltr pot

  • Probably the strongest fragrant Passion flower you will find! The exotic blooms of Passiflora Perfume Passion are produced in abundance throughout summer. The exquisite blooms are followed by inedible egg shaped, orange fruits. This easily trained, vigorous climber looks spectacular in patio containers, conservatories and greenhouses. In very mild areas,...

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items