Greenhouse and Conservatory Passion Flowers

Stunning Exotic Passion Flowers for the Greenhouse, Conservatory and Summer Patio. 

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  • The Moonstone coloured Passionflower. It is a hybrid between Passiflora citrina and Passiflora sanguinolenta. The hybrid including its flowers is bigger than its parents but otherwise it is exactly in the middle between the two parental plants. Compact grower with pink centered creamy yellow flowers. Min 0ᄚC 32ᄚF or lower

  • A wing-stemmed passion flower originating from Brazil. Very fragrant dark crimson flowers. Ideal for conservatory as it is not too vigorous.

  • A Stunning tetraploid cross of P. 'Constance Elliott' x P. eichleriana. P.White Wedding is a lovely free flowering vine with lovely large white flowers. Suitable for outdoors in a sheltered position. Hardy to -5C.

  • A lovely free flowering hybrid cross of P. galbana x P. racemosa Minimum temperature: 10ᄚC [50ᄚF] Flower diameter: 9cm [3,5"]. Flowering size plants on 70cm tripod.

  • Probably the strongest fragrant Passion flower you will find! The exotic blooms of Passiflora Perfume Passion are produced in abundance throughout summer. The exquisite blooms are followed by inedible egg shaped, orange fruits. This easily trained, vigorous climber looks spectacular in patio containers, conservatories and greenhouses. In very mild areas,...

  • Passiflora ムMonika Fischerメ Roland Fischer's hybrid. Tetraploid. Deeply colored purple flowers with a contrasting white band on the filaments. The intensity of color in this new hybrid sets it apart from other purple cultivars. With a free blooming nature and a vigorous growth habit,

  • Passiflora 'Crimson Tears' A much sought after hybrid with brilliant crimson/purple flowers. Its corona has flecks of white and purple to almost black accent the filaments. This vigorous grower flowers intermittently throughout the year even during the winter months. A new hybrid by Roland Fischer

  • A lovely free flowering Passiflora. It's beautiful, scented flower which grows to 15' under glass and flowers from June to November. Grow in fertile free draining compost and do not allow the roots to remain wet. Protect from frost. 1ltr pot 40cm canes

  • A very showy hybrid with lovely pink flowers 15cm in diameter, on a long penduncle. Corona Filamenst white at base, pink to apex. Minimum temperature 6C.1ltr pot 40cm canes

  • A beautiful hybrid. Spectacular large pink and greeny blue flowers. Scented. 1-2 ltr pot

  • A beautiful hybrid of P.Gritensis x P. caerulea 'Constance Elliott'. P.Anastastia has beautiful rose-pink flowers that are 9-11cms in diameter with a reddish white corona. Best grown in part shade or sun. Well grown plants on 70cm tripods.

  • Red Banana Passion flower. A vigorous climber with long-tubed bright rosy red flowers in summer followed by yellow fruit. Height 5m. Flower colour Red. Flowers from June to August. Half Hardy

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items