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Passiflora give an Exotic Feel to the Garden. Best Grown on a Warm Sunny Wall. Choose From one of the Biggest Selections in the UK.

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  • A large vigorous free flowering vine.Can be container grown but will do much better planted outside in the ground. Flower up to 12cm diameter with very strong corona filaments. Flowers June-Nov. Min -8ᄚC 18ᄚF

  • A profusion of bright scarlet /red flowers are produced between May- August. This variety grows wild high in the mountains of Peru between 1500-2500mtrs. 2 ltr pot

  • A Cross between P. actinia � P. caerulea �Constance Eliott. This vigorous grower has three lobed leaves and beautiful large showy flowers with white and blue banded corona filaments. Min temp 0C or lower.

  • A Stunning tetraploid cross of P. 'Constance Elliott' x P. eichleriana. P.White Wedding is a lovely free flowering vine with lovely large white flowers. Suitable for outdoors in a sheltered position. Hardy to -5C.

  • A tetraploid form of P.caerulea but with larger flowers with bright blue centres. Hardy to -10C. A vigorous climber with rich green leaves and bowl-shaped white flowers with blue tips in summer followed by orange-yellow fruit.

  • A very eye catching Passion flower with red hanging umbrellas from mid summer on. An evergreen with large three lobed leaves. Almost hardy but best protected (min -1c). It flowers best in cool conditions. A good cool conservatory plant

  • A vigorous cross between caerulea and amethystina. Flowers are very similar to P. Purple Haze but with a redder centre. Hardy to at least -7C. A good variety for outdoors.

  • A hybrid cross between P. ᄡWhite Wedding` x P. caerulea ᄡEmil Kugler`. Has pretty white flowers with a blue and white corona. Hardy to -10C.1-2ltr pot

  • Large showy deep rose pink flowers with white corona, deep purple center. Trilobed leaves. Flowers throughout the year. Will tolerate light frosts.

  • Showy large flowers of purple-mauve flower with darker centres. Contrasted by a white ring. A lovely free flowering variety suitable for outdoors on a warm wall. 1-2ltr pot

  • An old hybrid cross between P.Incarnata and P.Caerulea. A free flowering variety that can be grown outside on a warm wall in free draining soil.

  • The almost white flowers are produced freely from summer on, a smaller plant with more flowers than P. caerulea. This is a good tough hybrid Passiflora and easily copes with -6c remaining evergreen. It will survive lower temperatures with good drainage. Bred by Myles Irvine in 2002 P. 'Star of Bristol' x P. 'Purple Haze'. Flowers June-Dec Min -8ᄚC 18ᄚF...

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items