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  • £ 40.00

    Little Prince is a new compact King Protea, selected specially for containers and small gardens. It flowers year round and the birds love it. Nice multi stemmed flowering plants. 20cm pot

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  • £ 36.50

    Small shrub that grows up to 45cm high. Lush light green leaves with creamy white flowers approx. 15cm long. Suitable for rock gardens and borders. The King Protea is one of the most popular varieities, having one of the largest flower heads in the protea family. They are stunning in the garden, on the patio and in flower arrangements.

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  • £ 30.00

    Leucospermum cordifolium hybrid Masses of bright yellow blooms in spring. Suitable for cut flowers, it can be grown in pots and containers Very low maintenance, light frost and drought tolerant once established. Suitable for a variety of soil types, but must be well drained. Prefers a full sun to part shade postion. Bird attracting Ht 2m min tmp -4C

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  • £ 36.00

    Protea cynaroides The King Protea is the most popular variety, having one of the largest flower heads in the protea family. They are stunning in the garden, on the patio and in flower arrangements. Slight frost tolerance and moderately tolerant to heavy soils.

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  • £ 14.99

    A small spreading shrub, 0.5 metres high by 2 metres spread with fine needle like foliage, the flowers are a pale pink spider type. Quick growing and hardy, it is high frost and drought tolerant. Ideal for rockeries and steep banks.

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  • £ 16.50

    Handsome evergreen shrub. Leathery toothed leaves. Very fragrant exotic looking creamy-white flowers in July. Grow in Lime free soil. Height 2m. 3ltr pot

    £ 16.50
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  • £ 14.50

    This is a really different evergreen bush. It has dark green prickly rosemary like foliage. From winter into summer it bears clusters of rose red exotic flowers. Needs free draining lime free soil in a sunny sheltered spot. Surprisingly tough & tolerant.

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  • £ 10.00

    A beautiful, easy to grow shrub with arching branches and deep green, needle-like leaves. Grevillea juniperina produces clusters if showy scarlet flowers forming along the branches from late spring to mid-summer and often again in autumn.

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  • £ 14.50

    A vigorous bushy shrub with narrow rich green leaves each with a hard point and dense clusters of pinkish red flowers.

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  • £ 27.50

    An evergreen, dense rounded shrub with claret red flowers, changing to pink as they mature. Used extensively for cut flowers. Height and spread to 2m/6.5ft. It should be planted in full sun in free-draining soil - and will remain hardy under such conditions, able to withstand a temperature as low as -6C

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  • £ 22.50

    A beautiful Leucadendron with pretty variegated foliage. Produces showy red bracts surrounding yellow cones in late Winter/Spring. Great for low maintanence free draining soils. 15cm pot

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  • £ 17.50

    A G.victoriae x rhyolitica cross.  hardy and reliable plant that looks good with minimal care. It is a medium sized spreading shrub, which flowers for most of the year, with spidery red blooms.  Great as a feature ground cover plant for rockeries and shrubberies as well as for pots

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Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items