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  • This is an upright deciduous shrub with curious twisted stems & crinkly purple heart shaped leaves. In winter it has purple catkins followed by purple hazlenuts. So all year round interest & it is ideal in smaller gardens unlike its bigger growing green relative. Best in moist free draining soil in sun/part shade

  • Mock Orange. An arching shrub with clusters of large cup-shaped, highly fragrant white flowers with a slightly pink-flushed centre.

  • A lovely hardy dwarf fuchsia. Red and purple flowers. 2-3ltr pot

  • One of the most distinctive flowering architectural plants, with layers of tiered branches, which are clothed in flat white flower umbels in early summer. The flowers stand out well against the dark green summer leaves with lovely Autumn colour

  • Silk Tree. A deciduous shrub from Japan and western Asia. A member of the mimosa family, so has soft feathery foliage.

  • Elegant, dwarf, deciduous Japanese weeping willow shrub or small tree, bearing creamy-pink variegated young foliage that gradually fades. Orange-coral stems at leaf-fall. Yellow catkin type flowers in April. Ht. 2mt.(6ft.). Grows in full sun and moist, even wet, free draining soil. Can be grown in containers. Looks good by ponds or streams.

  • A bushy shrub with deeply veined, dark green leaves, purple-red in autumn. Pretty white flowers mature to pink in late spring.

  • An upright shrub with dark green leaves, bronze when young. Fragrant, tubular rose tinted dark pink flowers, on bare stems from late autumn to spring.

  • This is a deciduous shrub which forms a pleasing little hummock. The pendulous branches are weighed down with masses of purple pea flowers in early summer. It is hardy and happiest in full sun in well drained soil. A native of Southern Mediterranean, it is sometimes named Cytisus.

  • Medium sized deciduous shrub. Flowers lilac-pink edged white in e.summer with neat green leaves. very free flowering. Thrives on any fertile well drained soil

  • Witch Alder. A dense bushy shrub with oval blue-green leaves, turning bright red, orange, and yellow in autumn. Fragrant white, bottlebrush flowers borne before the leaves.

  • Corkscrew Hazel. A shrub with heart-shaped green leaves and strongly twisted stems, that are particularly effective in winter. Bears yellow catkins late winter early spring. Grafted plants in 3ltr pots

Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items