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  • Grevillea Folgore
    Grevillea Folgore

    Grevillea alpina x rosmarinifolia Gold. Description: A compact small...

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Evergreen trees and shrubs

A Great Selection of Evergreen Trees and Shrubs for Gardens of all Sizes.

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  • £ 22.50

    A vigorous evergreen climber with saucer-shaped, scented, very pale, pink flowers, with cream anthers. Flowers from March to May. 2 ltr pot.

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  • £ 8.99

    A hardy fast growing evergreen shrub. Splendid for creating shelter in coastal areas. Makes a superb dense hedge with very fragrant small white flowers followed by orange hips. 3ltr pot. 10% discount for 10-20plants.15% discount for 20-50plants. 20% discount for 50+plants

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  • £ 14.50

    A woody, evergreen climber. clinging by aerial roots with mid green leaves and greenish white domed flower heads surrounded by white flowers in summer.

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  • £ 6.50

    A semi- evergreen perennial, semi-scrambling flowers over a long period from early spring to late autumn, grown for its red drum-stick flowers.

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  • £ 10.99

    Semi evergreen climbing shrub with gold marginated leaves that flush pink in late summer. Flowers are white and are produced freely in clusters in summer.

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  • £ 8.99

    A dense upright shrub with delicate green leaves, long stalked bright yellow daisy flowers. Height 1m. Spread 1m. Flower colour Yellow. Flowers from April to October. Evergreen. 1ltr pot

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  • £ 11.50

    An unusual and wonderfully exotic semi-evergreen large shrub. Magnificent huge drooping heads of dark pink flowers hang tantalisingly from this bush in early summer. They are scented and attractive to bees. Itメs hardy but needs a bit of care when first planted. Best in full sun & well drained soil.

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  • £ 14.99

    Cape Leadwort. An evergreen shrub grown as a climber with pretty dark blue flowers. Flowers from June to November. A good plant for the conservatory or summer patio. 1ltr pot 40cm cane

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  • £ 77.50

    A hardy fast growing evergreen shrub. Splendid for creating shelter in coastal areas. 3ltr pot

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  • £ 16.50

    Handsome evergreen shrub. Leathery toothed leaves. Very fragrant exotic looking creamy-white flowers in July. Grow in Lime free soil. Height 2m. 3ltr pot

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  • £ 8.99

    Tree Lupin. A bushy evergreen shrub with grey-green foliage and fragrant spikes of yellow flowers. Suitable for planting in coastal gardens.

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  • £ 7.99

    A dense upright, evergreen shrub with glossy, leathery light green leaves. Very good in coastal areas. Makes an excellent hedge. 3ltr pots 80cm high bushy plants (including pot) 10% discount for 10-20plants 15% discount for 20-50plants 20% discount for 50+plants

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Showing 1 - 12 of 145 items